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The individual program of specialized training course based on the standard program of the Ministry of Health of Russia and approved by the Scientific Council and the Rector of the Crimea state medical university.

The individual program of specialization included the following theoretical and practical aspects:

Theoretical part

  • ImageNormal and pathological anatomy of nervous system.
  • Image Normal and pathological physiology of nervous system.
  • ImageNormal and pathological anatomy of nervous system.
  • ImageTopic diagnostics of nervous system diseases.
  • ImageInflammatory diseases of nervous system.
  • ImageNeuropharmacology.
  • ImageNeuroanaesthesiology.
  • ImageNeurotraumatology.
  • ImageNeurooncology.
  • Image Vascular diseases of brain and spinal cord.
  • ImageSurgical treatment of neurological diseases of brain and spinal cord

Practical part

  • ImageMethods of investigations in neurology:
  • Imagelumbar puncture and cerebrospinal fluid examination, myelography, angiography, ventriculography.
  • Image Blocks in pain syndromes.
  • ImageAssistance in all kind operations.
  • ImageOperations
  • Image Application Of Exploratory Burr Hole
  • Image Craniectomy And Osteoplastic Craniotomy
  • ImageDuroplasty And Cranioplasty
  • ImageEvacuation Of Intracranial Haematomas
  • ImageOperations In Fractures Of The Spine
  • ImageAblation Of Intravertebra Hernias
  • ImageAblation Of Intracranial Abscess
  • ImageAblation Of Intracranial And Spinal Tumours
  • ImageVentriculo-Atrial And Ventriculo-Peritoneal Shunts, Ventriculocisternostomy
  • ImageStereotactic craniotomy. Stereotactic radiosurgery.
  • Image EVD (External ventricular drainage)
  • ImageNeurooncology- surgical procedures
  • ImageNeurovascular surgery
  • ImagePediatric neurosurgery
  • ImagePeripheral nerve surgery
  • ImageEndovascular neurosurgery
  • ImageSpinal neurosurgery