Obstetrics and Gynecology

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The individual program of specializedtrainingcoursebasedon thestandardprogramof theMinistry of Health of Russia and approved by the Scientific Council and the Rector of the Crimea state medical university.

The individual program of specialization included the following theoretical and practical aspects:

  • ImageAnatomy and physiology of female reproductive organs.
  • ImageClinical methods of investigation in gynecology.
  • ImageNeurohumoral regulation of menstrual cycle
  • ImageSpecific and non-specific inflammatory diseases of female reproductive organs.
  • ImageParasitic diseases.
  • ImageMenstrual function disturbances.
  • ImageInfertility.
  • ImageBenign diseases of female reproductive organs.
  • ImageTuberculosis of female reproductive organs.
  • ImageMalignant diseases of female reproductive organs.
  • ImageGynecological operations (uterine extirpation, supravaginal amputation of uterus, operations on adnexa, plastic operations underprolapse of female reprocutive organs, vaginal extirpation).
  • ImagePost-operating care.
  • ImagePediatric gynecology.
  • ImageChronic pelvis pain, dysmenorrhea.
  • ImageClinical methods of investigation in obstetrics.
  • ImageAntenatal fetus care and immunological investigations.
  • ImagePhysiological obstetrics.
  • ImageDelivery process.
  • ImageDelivery anomalies.
  • ImageHemmorrhage in pregnancy, labour course and intranatal period.
  • ImageCaesarean operation.
  • ImageGestoses in pregnant.
  • ImageExtragenital pathology and pregnancy.
  • ImageContracted pelvis.
  • ImagePostpartum infectious diseases.
  • ImageGestational trophoblast disease.
  • ImageToxemia of pregnancy.
  • ImageEndocrinology in gynaecology.
  • ImageMeterosalpingography.
  • ImageBlood transfusion.
  • ImageVaginal repair, vulvectomy.