Pulmonary Medicine

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The individual program of specializedtrainingcoursebasedon thestandardprogramof theMinistry of Health of Russia and approved by the Scientific Council and the Rector of the Crimea state medical university.

The individual program of specialization included the following theoretical and practical aspects:

Theoretical part

  • ImageHistory of tuberculosis.
  • ImageEpidemiology of tuberculosis.
  • ImageEtiology and pathogenesis of tuberculosis.
  • ImagePathomorphology of tuberculosis.
  • ImageImmune system and tuberculosis.
  • ImageTuberculosis clinical classification.
  • ImageTuberculosis of the respiratory organs and complicaqtions.
  • ImageTuberculosis of bones and joints and complicaqtions.
  • ImageTuberculosis of intestines and limphatic nodules and complicaqtions.
  • ImageTuberculosis of urinary and genital organs and complications.
  • ImageTuberculosis of brain meninges and central nervous system and complications.
  • ImageTuberculosis of skin and complications.
  • ImageTuberculosis of eyes and complications.
  • ImageTuberculosis and other diseases.
  • ImageDiagnostics of tuberculosis in adults and children.
  • ImageBronchitis.
  • ImagePneumonia and pleuritis.
  • ImageChronical diseases of lungs.
  • ImageBronchial asthma.
  • ImagePneumotorax.
  • ImageComplicatiopns in pulmonology.

Practical part

  • ImageMethods of examination of patients ill with tuberculosis and in pulmonology.
  • Image Laboratory and instrumental methods of diagnostics of tuberculosis
  • and in pulmonology.
  • ImageDiagnostics of main complications of tuberculosis and in pulmonology
  • ImageTreatment of tuberculosis and lungs and its complications.
  • ImageAntituberculous therapy.
  • ImageProphylasis of tuberculosis.